Dr. Lotika Singha

Script copy-editor and proofreader
Dr. Lotika Singha is a social researcher with a keen interest in everyday social injustices and co-production research methodologies. Her monograph Work, Labour and Cleaning: The Social Contexts of Outsourcing Housework is published by Bristol University Press (2019). Previously, she worked as an editorial consultant and proofreader for several years. She also participated in the BBC Listening Project in 2019 (Sujen and Lotika: Learning about You).

Lotika went to Shaheen Baag, New Delhi, just days before the Covid-19 lockdown was enforced in India and met several inspirational women – from those who went there daily to those who had, like her, come for the first time. Lotika felt privileged to have been part of the Blame Game team and for the opportunity to work closely with Dr. Laila Kadiwal and director Dakxin Chhara. Lotika copy-edited the narrator’s script, and provided editorial and proofreading support in the final stages of the documentary’s production.